In collaboration with Alrite Autism Centre, we are pleased to announce that we are now an autism-friendly dental clinic. 

For those of you who are interested in bringing in a child or an individual with Autism, please go through the pointers below, on how to;

a) As we will need to fully prepare the environment before receiving a child or individual with autism, parents or caretakers need to schedule an appointment in with us by filling up the online form below. 

Click On This Link to Fill Up & Submit The Online Form; 

This form will allow our team to be aware of any sensory challenges that the child may have, as well as the child’s or individual’s tolerance level towards physical contact.

b) Appointments will be scheduled in during non-peak hours / days, so that the clinic will be less crowded and the waiting time will be reduced or eliminated. This is to further ensure that the child or individual is kept as comfortable as possible. 

c) For children, a pre-dental programme is made available for the child to be familiar with the dental environment, staff, dental chair and the equipment, if required. 

An oral examination will be performed in a child friendly manner before proceeding with the use of other dental instruments inside the child’s mouth. Other stimulating instruments will also be introduced delicately here, upon gauging the child’s tolerance level.

d) Further online resources are available, for your child to familiarize with the dental routine, at, 

e) Relevant visual cues and communication cards are made available during the visit as well.

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